"Passion, ambition and a vision to
make the best software house"

UK, Head Office - London


  • David


    David is the CEO and founder of the company. 25+ years of Delphi experience makes him a true Guru, a database wizard who has founded numerous IT businesses and knows the industry inside-out.
    He's been instrumental in the development of various mission critical projects including Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the Royal Australian Airforce, the Australian Department of Health, the Belgian federal police, and many more.


  • jef


    After 40 years in retail, hospitality and yacht building, Jef is a whizz at keeping customers happy, sourcing anything under the sun, and, when he’s not sailing, negotiating great deals. A visionary whose thinking is light years ahead, he presented the first multi-racial pop concert in South Africa at the height of Apartheid in 1984.
    He organized sports and other music events, as well as the biggest Esoteric fair in South Africa, attracting 15,000 visitors, a feat unknown to this day. His Mobile Esoteric content service has been a top performer for the last 25 years.
  • Barbra


    A marketing wizard, Barbra is a published author, radio and TV personality, with a fantastic track record of taking products and services to market.
    Barbra is a motivational speaker and loves encouraging people in all walks of life. She has a natural ability to spot patterns, typos and grammar errors.
    Barbra has a natural ability to spot patterns and trends, and no typos or grammar errors escape her eagle eye. Her motivational talks encourage people to do great things. A shrewd businesswoman and entrepreneur, Barbra has been the designated cheerleader for many diverse projects and businesses.
  • Martin


    Martin is a social media and blogging whizz. When he sits down to write, the atmosphere turns electric and ideas drop out of the ethers into his lap, where he carefully nurtures and develops them into scintillating content that keeps our audience captivated and enthralled. Follow Martins’s great blogs and twitter feeds to stay ahead of the field.


    • Timo


      Timo is out IT Sales executive, with an amazingly diverse background, including being a top notch videographer and networker.
      For all your IT related queries, contact Timo who will gladly talk you through all the possibilities

      USA Offices


      • Derek


        New York, NY

        Derek is a highly-organized sales professional who learns quickly and balances customer needs with company demands. Efficiently builds loyalty and long-term relationships with customers, while consistently reaching sales targets.

        Do get in touch with Derek for any of your requirements.