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The 4 Greatest Benefits of Agile Software Development

The 4 Greatest Benefits of Agile Software Development

We frequently hear about Agile development in the IT sector, but what is Agile development exactly?

Agile is a method of software development for the development of software solutions, websites and mobile apps. This method of software development is specifically focused on providing premium-quality software with less project overheads and more business value.

IT projects are complex. That’s why developers need to have a deep understanding of the client’s goals and market opportunities in order to deliver a successful software project. Agile development just makes the process easier. The Agile method has the power to improve results dramatically while enhancing the  collaboration between client and development teams.

The Agile software development method has some great benefits.


A transparent process

The Agile method provides an opportunity for clients to be far more involved in the project, and the clients can let the developers know what features are a priority and what isn’t. This is done through frequent review meetings that keep the client informed about the process so that they can follow the development of their project more closely. The client is also shown that the the developmental stages are not yet final products, but a work in progress.


Fast project delivery

Because every software development project that incorporates the Agile method is done in Sprints, the software features are delivered quickly. Every Sprint is done on a fixed schedule, so that’s why the cost of the feature or the cost of the entire project can be calculated in advance. With that in mind, the client understands the costs and knows what he needs to prioritize in order to keep the project within budget constraints.


Business focus

In Agile development, the client is the one who determines the priorities. With that in mind, the developers can understand the exact business focus of the client. That’s why the end product is able to deliver the exact business value that the client wanted in the first place.

The business focus of Agile development is also expressed in the UX and UI of the software. The software features are completely focused on the users and their needs, and each feature is a valuable one, instead of just being a component.


Quality assurance

With Agile development, the project is broken down into smaller segments. In this way, the development team can focus on a quality product and test it accordingly. Agile development assures the client that the project will be delivered on time and to the client’s satisfaction.


Agile is a sturdy method of software development that provides benefits not just for the client, but for the development team too. By re-imagining software development in a custom process, Agile achieves what most other software development methods can’t – delivering business value to the client, developers, and to the end user.





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