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Remarkable Apps: How Voice Recognition Makes Great Apps

Remarkable Apps: How Voice Recognition Makes Great Apps

When we speak about smart voice recognition app development today, well known voice activated apps like Alexa, Siri or Cortana are usually the first names that come to mind. Thousands of hours have already been spent in successfully developing these apps into personal and responsive assistants that make our lives more efficient. They answer our questions, give us the information that we need, send messages for us, and much more.

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7 Mobile App Trends in 2017

7 mobile app trends in 2017

There’s always something new on the horizon when it comes to mobile technology and apps. Innovation in the mobile app sector is a growing constant. It’s becoming essential to observe how business competitors follow mobile trends that help them innovate faster.

2017 has become a benchmark year for mobile technology, especially within the app sector. Not only is the technology better, but the overall app development costs have come down, so that apps are now within the reach of businesses with modest budgets.

The following trends in mobile apps and technology are emerging:

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